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Capri is a housewife who wants to try teasing her man for the first time. She ties him up, pulls out tease & denial instructions she downloaded from the internet, and uses them to get started. Her natural cockteasing instincts soon take over, much to her man's dismay. Lot's of slow stroking, soft licking and cruel edging!
RUINED ORGASM IN THIS CLIP! Rhiannon wakes up her bound slave and wastes no time teasing and taunting him by slipping her panties down but stops before he can see how wet her pussy is. Megan is up to her old tricks with poor Bruce. She removes his chastity cage and blindfolds him so he can't see what's coming next. She drives him to the brink then leaves him hanging on the verge of orgasm...

Mistress Corinna's Locked Cock Club

Cuckold Sessions:

A bunch of skinny, whiney pussy-whipped white boys with 2" dicks that can't satisfy their bitches, so an entourage of black gangstas gotta do the job for them. Poor white boy gets locked in a cb3000 chastity-belt and has no chance to take part in the action. After the black boys have finished he has to lick up their cum.
It must be the hell to watch the double penetration of two black cocks in your own girl and you yourself are tied up in the corner. Locked in his chastitybelt and collared like a dog this poor boy has to clean her pussy.

POV Humiliation:

I am your key holder. I choose when your dick comes out. Could be a month. A year.
If you piss me off it might even be years.
You will feel the pain every time your cock swells and it will hurt. See how you get hard when I tease you with my tits and ass?
I know what I'm doing to you. I want your cock to ache for release but the answer is

NO I won't let you out.
We both know how tiny your dick is and how pathetic you are because of it!
When you have sex with girls (which you probably never do because you are such a dumbass loser) do they ask "Ummmm Is it in yet?"
It's really sad when a girl has to ask if your tiny dick is even inside her pussy! No wonder you never get laid and when you do its totally disappointing for her!

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Whipping, small penis humiliation, foot licking, ass worship, CFNM, pegging and tease & denial with Maitresse Madeline and a piece of slavemeat. Maitresse Madeline turns out three newbie pieces of meat with CBT, CFNM humiliation, strap-on ass fucking, ass worship and tease and denial.
Maitresse Madeline covers slaves cock with a cock extending cock sheath, fucks it and humiliates him about how he would never feel her pussy. Maitresse Madeline cuckolds her boyfriend with a woman
Maitresse Madeline invites 40 local girls, from San Francisco, to The Armory to humiliate, punish and gang bang a male stripper for her birthday David confesses his masturbation fantasies to Maitresse Madeline and she takes advantage of his weaknesses with humiliation, strap-on and chastity.

Teased by Maitresse Madeline (picture sets):

Maitresse Madeline teases her slave with her stocking clad feet while his cock is kept on a short leash. No way to get out, no chance to get unlocked from this cage.
Maitresse Madeline uses the humiliation of forced feminization and crossdressing to train her slaves - of course he won't to get off on this day :) Maitresse Madeline's stable of slaves are willing to do ANYTHING to please their mistress. They let her use them as furniture, torment them mind, body and soul, and humiliate them for her amusement!

I Need A Bitch:

Bella Says "What the fuck are you staring at loser? Oh, you like my sexy feet huh?
Well get on your knees and have a good closeup look as I shove my PVC high heel down your throat!!
Yeah, you like worshipping my feet even more when I take off my heels. I've been walking on them all day long so they're nice and sweaty and stinky just for you, lol.
Go ahead, get closer and I'll grind them into your face so you can lick the toejam from between my toes. I have an even better idea for a foot perv like you, I'm going to grind my barefeet in the dirt so they're nice and dirty and stick them down your throat!
Mistress Jackie "Look at that tiny thing, excuse me while I find my microscope to even see it! That isn't a real cock, it's waaay too puny.
A real cock should be big, strong and thick and able to please a woman, while your little noodle looks like a minnow out of water, flopping around limply!! What the fuck am I supposed to do with that puny excuse of a penis?
Call the Guiness Book of Records for the smallest weiner category? LOL, what an embaressment, it's just too funny. I'm getting the ruler to measure it and then tell my girlfriends what a small weiner you have so they can all laugh at you too!
Mistress Kim "You good for nothing husband, lazing around doing nothing. You need to learn who's in charge in this house, and that's ME, Mistress Kim to you!
That's right you worm, your training starts today. First you must get on your knees and bow down to Mistress Kim, and that's what you shall address me as from now on. Then I'm going to tie up your pathetic cock and balls with this rope and lead you (like a leash) outside so all the neighbors can see WHO OWNS YOU.
That's it, bark like a doggie while Mistress Kim parades you around for all to point and gawk at. That's right cower in fear you worthless piece of shi
Sara Says "I'm getting ready to go out with this hot black guy I met at the gym, my darling husband. You're such a great husband, you patiently wait at home while I get all dolled up for my big black date!
You can watch me while I try on my sexiest outfits and help me choose one that will please him.
I can't wait until after our dinner, where I'll tease him and rub up against his huge black cock. He's going to please me in ways that you can't,
I love feeling his thick rod stretching me out. When I come home tonight, I'll have a warm gooey surprise waiting inside me just for you!

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Femdom Bride:

Goddess Starla enjoys a nice cock and ball torture session with her lifestyle slave - she does not hesitate to give him pleasure...but never allowing him to cum.
She knows he can take more abuse and prolong her amusement of torturing his pathetic cock and balls.
Goddess Starla teases her slave with a handjob and foot job, but does not allow him to cum - after edging him for what feels like hours - Randy just cannot handle it anymore and he cums without permission.
Of course Starla stops touching him the instant she sees him cumming - ruining his orgasm - and as a punishment locks him in chastity for two whole weeks.
Latex clad Goddess Starla teases and denies her hubby while in chastity. Then removes him and teases him mercilessly but does not let him cum, all the while she is getting herself off, having orgasms right in front of him while he is being denied. Sissy Randy is forced to suck his Goddess Wife's strapon, while crossdressed. Then forced to take it in his sissy pussy all the while his chastity device remains locked and teased, like a good sissy chaste cuck.
Goddess Starla teases her husband slave while he is locked in his CB-6000 chastity device, while making him watch her get herself off with a sex toy. Starla's sissy husband is exactly that. He does what she wants when she wants and he is permanently locked into chastity. She makes him clean her dirty heels, after teasing his poor locked up cock.
Sissy Randy is cuckolded by his wife Goddess Starla right in front of them. Then the two ladies drill him properly in both holes with big strapons Obviously my punishments have left no imprint on him, so this timei am ready to teach him a real lesson, one he will hopefully not forget! I beat his ass until it is bruised using my fists and then move the torture downward to teach his pathetic cock that it has no choice but to obey me!
Goddess Starla takes Randy out of his steel chastity device for some fun tease and denial. She takes advantage of the fact that she's wearing pantyhose to give Randy a foot job and even use her inner knees to excite his poor cock. Goddess Starla decides to take Randy out of chastity for a little session of tease and denial. Pushing Randy to the very brink or orgasm and then denying him an orgasm seemed like a good idea at first until Randy was pushed just a tad too far and makes a mess of things!

Teasing Masturbation Instructions:

Teasing instructor touches herself & orders you to wank. In the end you will not be able to help but release your milk. But ONLY when she say so!! Big tits flaunts her curves to tease you as you jerk
Dominant teacher wants cum and teases while you jerk. Jerk off teacher Ginger teases with her lovely feet.

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